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Allison Foley
Allison Foley

I showed my first dog in Junior Handling when I was 7 years old, I went 5th out of 5 in a junior handling class, I cried, but despite that humble beginning I was instantly hooked!

Believing that you should always do what you love, I became a professional handler in 1987 and I have been presenting Canada's (and the world’s) top dogs ever since. With more than 550 All-Breed Best in Shows, I am proud to have been highly awarded at such prestigious shows as Crufts, the World Dog Show, Westminster Kennel Club and the AKC Invitational. As well I have had Top Dog All breeds in Canada 3 separate times, all three dogs are still record holder’s in their own right.

In addition to my wins as an all-breed handler, I have spent more than 30 years perfecting the art of presenting one of the dog world's most difficult breeds to master: The Poodle. Today, I am internationally recognized as one of the world's most talented and experienced Poodle handlers. I have presented seminars on grooming Poodles all over this planet. . I am also the Creative Educational Advisor and Specialist for Chris Christensen Systems.

I have proven that hard work, dedication and passion can take you absolutely everywhere in this wonderful sport, which is why I am committed to supporting, promoting and giving back to the dog community. Currently, I am President of the Canadian Professional Dog Handlers Association, Vice-President of the Canadian Kennel Club Foundation, I have been CKC Junior Handling representative for both Nova Scotia and South Western Ontario. I am a regular contributor to dog magazines in several countries. I have mentored several of the Top Professional Handlers in the USA and Canada as well as coached 3 Juniors to win the Canadian National one of whom went on to win Crufts World Junior Handling Competition.

In 2017, I launched Leading Edge Dog Show Academy, the world's first on-line dog show training school. My mission is to help mentor a new generation of dog show enthusiasts through innovative video-based grooming and handling lessons. LEDSA has won the award for Best On-line Education each year since it’s inception. I look forward to working with enthusiastic students as they perfect their skills on the way to the winner's circle.

Sit back, as I bring a lifetime of grooming and handling lessons to video, here at Leadingedge Dog Show Academy.

Courses Included with Purchase

The Perfect Poodle Clipping Course
Step by step instruction to clip your Poodle Perfectly!
Allison Foley
The Ultimate Guide to Poodle Topknots
Knot Your Average Topknot, All Sprayed Up, plus 7 Bonus pdf's/videos & access to our interactive Facebook group.
Allison Foley
Poodle Handling
17 step-by-step videos to make you a Poodle handler extraordinaire!
Allison Foley
Poodle Prep
30 step-by-step videos and pdf's on preparing your poodle for the show ring.
Allison Foley
Poodle Puppy Trim
16 step-by-step videos and 26 diagrams on trimming and setting the Puppy trim.
Allison Foley
The Continental Trim
Everything you need to know about this all important trim
Allison Foley
Poodle Perks
Access to our interactive Facebook group
Allison Foley
The Ultimate Guide to Poodle Club of America
A step by step Guide on how to show up at PCA looking like a winner - 4 coaching sessions included!
Allison Foley
English Saddle Trim
Coming Soon From puppy trim to English Saddle
Allison Foley
Beginner Handling, a Poodle Handling Pre-requisite
Everything you need to know to start showing your dog.
Allison Foley

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